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XRLA Meetup Group

Organized by BOT Jungle's Creative Director Gehrig Gosselin, alongside longtime collaborators Kyle Chadwick and Matthias McCoy-Thompson.

  • XRLA Meetup is a progressive network of AR/VR/360 developers, investors, and enthusiasts sponsored by Khronos Group. XRLA currently has over 1,450 members. XRLA hosts panels, social events, and speaker series.

  • Previous speakers include Brent Bushnell (2 Bit Circus CEO/Founder), Alexander Silken (Survios - Founder/CTO), Gregg Katano (Hologate - VP Bus Dev), Zach Gonzalez (Super Bit Machine - Producer), Andrew Cochrane (Springbok Entertainment - Executive Producer), Liam Broza (Bitscoop Labs - Founder), Raymond Mosco (AWE NITE LA Chapter Organizer) and many more.

  • Previous sponsors and partners include Survios, WeWork, 2 Bit Circus, Unity, Khronos Group, Kluge Interactive, HTC Vive, THE VOID VR, Children's Hospital LA, WITHIN, Experius VR, and more.

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